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  • The Wonderful World of Power Testing
    Lets be honest, fitness testing can be an absolute minefield. You’ve just done a ramp test, your friend has done a 20 minute test, and someone else has done an 8 minute test. But what does it all mean? Does it matter what everyone else is doing? Should you be comparing yourself to others? Why don’t we start by talking about why testing is important. Fitness testing allows you to set benchmarks for current levels, set training zones for practical application, and set physiological goals to help focus your workouts and planning. In years gone by you needed to have … Read more
  • UK Anti-Doping Clean Sport Advisor
    I’m pleased to be able to share that I have recently completed 2 courses accredited by UK Anti-Doping, to show my commitment to clean sport in the UK. I am now a UK Anti-Doping Clean sport Advisor. UK Anti-Doping is the body responsible for drug free sport in the United Kingdom, following the guidelines set by the World Anti Doping Agency. The importance of clean sport cannot be overstated, as we strive for a fair playing field across all levels of competition. This course resonated with me, having seen first hand the effects of doping on an extremely talented young … Read more

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