Cycling Coaching Packages

Bespoke Training

Our entry level package is designed for the cyclist looking to add structure and focus to their training, without the need to communicate extensively with their coach. Following an initial consultation, 2020 Cycling will formulate a periodised annual training plan based around your targets. You will subsequently receive detailed workouts each month, fully tailored around your lifestyle and time restraints.

Optimise your training with 2020 Cycling

Bespoke Training Plus

The Bespoke Training Plus package encompasses all the features of the Bespoke Training Package, with the addition of analysis and feedback from your coach. You will receive basic workout feedback throughout, with a detailed training analysis review issued at the end of each month. A phone call will be scheduled to discuss the review, and goals for the next phase of training. If you are looking to understand more about your response to training, and how to address your weaknesses then Bespoke Training Plus is for you.

Bespoke Training with 2020 Cycling

Performance Coaching

The Performance Coaching package is a truly all encompassing offering, for the competitive cyclist who will leave nothing to chance in preparation for their goals. This is a holistic coaching experience that will review all aspects of your cycling performance. You will receive all the benefits of our Bespoke Training Plus package, with more regular coach contact and unlimited communication via WhatsApp. There are a number of other benefits within this package, that can be explored below.

Performance Coaching with 2020 Cycling

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