Performance Coaching

The Performance Cycle Coaching package is a truly all encompassing offering, for the competitive cyclist who will leave nothing to chance in preparation for their goals. This is a holistic coaching experience that will review all aspects of your cycling performance. You will receive all the benefits of our Bespoke Training Plus package, with more regular analysis, coach contact and unlimited communication via WhatsApp.

The training plan will form the basis of our communication, however there is more to performance than simply getting more powerful. Within this package we will review your equipment, your race preparation, tactics, and your race calendar. These are of vital importance to overall cycling performance, and whilst often overlooked they could provide the key to unlocking your potential.

You will also be able to book a quarterly coached ride, undertaking a number of workouts that will be based around your target event and assessing your ability on the bike. Our head coach will give you advice and guidance following the ride, with some key areas to work on in upcoming sessions.

This package provides a comprehensive offer, and should be a serious consideration for any racing cyclist hoping to make a step to the next level.

Performance Cycle Coaching with 2020 Cycling

This package includes:

Initial Consultation

Training Peaks Premium Account

Feedback through Training Peaks

Unlimited Training Plan Adjustments

Quarterly Coached Rides*

Training Zone Setting

Bespoke Training Plan

Weekly Data Analysis & Review

Equipment Review

Target Event Plan, Tactics & Course Review

Fitness Testing

Annual Training Plan

Unlimited WhatsApp contact

Race Calendar Planning

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