UK Anti-Doping Clean Sport Advisor

I’m pleased to be able to share that I have recently completed 2 courses accredited by UK Anti-Doping, to show my commitment to clean sport in the UK. I am now a UK Anti-Doping Clean sport Advisor.

UK Anti-Doping is the body responsible for drug free sport in the United Kingdom, following the guidelines set by the World Anti Doping Agency. The importance of clean sport cannot be overstated, as we strive for a fair playing field across all levels of competition.

This course resonated with me, having seen first hand the effects of doping on an extremely talented young rider a few years ago, who was still in the junior ranks when they were caught and banned for anti-doping violations.

I strongly believe that if this rider had the correct support network around them, this situation could have been avoided. By completing the UKAD Coach Clean and the Clean Sport Advisor courses, my aim is to have the ability to support riders and educate on the dangers and consequences of committing an anti-doping violation.

If I can stop one rider from going down the wrong path on this subject, then my work has been a success. 2020 Cycling hopes to create an environment where athletes of all levels can thrive and perform to the absolute best of their natural abilities, through personal drive, careful planning, and plenty of hard work!